simon scott/ nivalis

NIVALIS/ 3" cd-r/ limited edition: 200 copies.
jan 2010

IT-EU-UK-US-elsewhere/ 8.50 EUR postage paid/

'nivalis' is the second release from simon scott after his debut album 'navigare' was released in october 2009 on miasmah recordings from berlin run by erik skodvin from deaf center/svarte greiner. it was written, recorded and mixed by simon on 18th/19th december 2009 during heavy snowfall at studio o3o3o in cambridge.

"the whole time i was writing this piece the snow just never stopped falling so i had this amazing visual flow that inspired me to keep on throwing musical ideas into the track. i had no intention to venture outside so i just kept on recording for two days, mixing as i went along, until the snow stopped. i added recordings of me clearing snow and ice from my doorstep whilst my heater was working flat out to push the sub zero temperatures up a few degrees. i see 'nivalis' as a tribute to the winter, the snow and the beauty of how the seasons change here in england." --

simon scott is the ex slowdive drummer ('just for a day' LP, 'souvlaki' LP and the '5ep') who runs the kesh recording label from cambridge and is also in seavault with antony ryan from isan who have released music on morr music.

he has shared studio and stage with brian eno, klimek, machinefabriek, jasper tx, nils frahm, seasons pre-din, rafael anton irisarri, xela, fever ray, svarte greiner, marcud fjellstrom, lawrence english, fennesz and taylor deupree.

he has also remixed on, autistici and isan, provides production to the 'hintergarten' album by hannu and has co written with the sight below (who scott plays guitar for live) for the second album 'it all falls apart' due spring 2010.


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NAVIGARE reviews:

the wire magazine (12/2009)
"scott is particularly adept at layering coolly shimmering guitars and dark churning currents of noise into something vast". (...) "a haunting aspect of 'navigare' is how it seems to contain traces of tunes that stand out like half-forgotten relics of the past."
"album of the week!"
" we approach the end of the ‘navigare‘ tale the listener is left in a state of exultation knowing they have just listened to what has to be one of the best miasmah releases to date." 10/10
"this is a tour de force... a stunning album."
"the mysterious mood in this work reminds a bit of the films by david lynch. with influences from (modern) classical music as well as modern electronic music he creates his own world of sound." 9/10
"the album's epic tone is immediately established when 'introduction of cambridge' rolls out sheets of ethereal sound so immense they'll leave you swooning... another stellar addition to the label's catalogue."
"with 'navigare', simon scott has created a contrasted piece of work, its vast sonic landscapes challenged by abrasions, distortions, its structure threatened by decay. there are moments reminiscent of fennesz here, but scott’s ill atmospheres and wintry soundscapes make this a much more ominous and dark proposition altogether." 4.7/5
"navigare is another masterful addition to the miasmah catalogue."