hey y'all. so 2010 is here. while our secret furry hole baby turned one, we're working on several things coming out in the next few months.

HAUSCHKA 'small pieces' cerulean-blue-second-edition will be out in a week or so. available at shows only. hand-stamping now -- twitpic.com/xs4by

'nivalis' -an astonishing 16-minutes-one-track 3" cd-r by SIMON SCOTT, set for late january/early february release- has been mastered last week. we're so glad to have simon with us. his navigare LP (out on miasmah) is one of our favs in 2009. we're still working on the artwork thing. more details and preview to come.

other stuff on their way to your ears: A GRAVE WITH NO NAME 3" cd-r (yet untitled, out march), modena-based WOLTHER GOES STRANGER 3" cd-r (yet untitled, out march), HIS CLANCYNESS (it'll be our release #10! format TBC. yet untitled, out late march/april), REVERBER debut album (format TBC. yet untitled. set for late spring release, ish).

more rumors still waiting for confirmation. stay tuned.

BUZZ ALDRIN self-titled debut cassette still available. grab it now

(mp3) the xx -- blood red moon (wolther goes stranger remix)

thanks for supporting us and SFH-related artists.
take care. jkk/tmm

pic/ jkk -- flickr.com/photos/thisisourdiet