DESCETTE/ one-sided 12" EP (coming with D/L code)/ limited edition: 200 copies
double 350 gr. recycled paper sleeve
"une cordée" by blexbolex
hand screen-printed by those nice guys at legno


—— the first cup of tea of the day is the most refreshing, warming and comforting, especially when it is cold outside. the garden birds eat seeds and discarded lard in a flurry of feathered activity as i wait for the morning paper. through the front room window i notice an abandoned toy keyboard sitting on the front lawn as snowflakes settle on the black plastic until it glistens. the smell of warm buttered toast and boiled egg indolently pervades my nostrils as the radio crackles around a distant bbc voice. i redirect my gaze to the almost undecipherable red lettering on an old wooden box of vinyl records that catches my eye in the corner of the extension. as i thumb through the aging covers and browning inner sleeves i carefully place a 12” record on the stereo, as if handling precious jewels, and notice a polaroid picture that has fallen out of the sleeve and on to the ground. it features two male figures surrounded by keyboards and drum machines with thumbs aloft and warm smiles. i notice tiny pussy cats and cups of tea next to each person as i listen intently to muffled melodies and analogue tones that revoke the fading faces of those who i may never see again.

it is mid-morning when i leave the house to walk out of the town and high up into the surrounding snow covered hillside. i’m warmly dressed and possess a compass, a camera and fresh sandwiches inside my deep pockets as i pass glistening flora and twinkling spider webs. as i ascend the escarpment i am conscious of the irregular rhythms of the slowly thawing dripping water that audibly surrounds me. after a while i stop and stare at icy fragments of broken glass that cling onto a small derelict barn window as my warm breath ascends into the cold and clear sky. i wonder if there is a place left on this island that that we can truly describe as wild anymore?

i increase the volume on my dictaphone that i’ve placed on the freezing old limestone wall before i start the steep decent to the river below. the tape playback hisses like a fizzy drink that i slowly move towards my mouth and i remember my flask of slowly cooling tea that i left on the kitchen table. the tape reveals several vernacular phrases when the words are perceivable and i am reminded of the people i knew when i lived in the old town. the landscape shimmers as the light fades and i lose a glove whilst i follow the steep gully back down to the main road in to town. i sit alone by the fire in the kings head public house as i look at that polaroid photograph once more as my tape players batteries slowly die. —— simon scott

7 tracks of very analogue cassette loop music. all compositions performed by antony ryan and robin saville with additional production by sanyo auto stop and sony cassette–corder TC–129.

graphic design by tomm.
screen-printed by legno ––
thanks to bernard and orecchio acerbo ––
video by cristopher cichocki ––