well, finally winter is here and we've got some news coming.

jonathan/HIS CLANCYNESS is touring southern italy these days and his long-awaited vinyl-only 'always mist revisited' LP is finally set for march release on SFH, in collaboration with splendour (no) and sixteen tambourines records (jp). 12" are on their way and the nice guys at LEGNO are taking care of the sleeves. more details and audio preview to come soonish.

then we'll have a beautiful ISAN ep out early spring and another sfh-goes-paper thing coming in a few weeks. it'll be the first one in a series. you should looking forward to it indeed if you're into paper, photography and beauty. just saying.

in other news, jukka and his band GDM have finished their new 'good luck' LP and it's going to be just beautiful, you know. while waiting please check our (late) winter sale out. the declining winter 'scenes from the back bedroom window" ep and the crimea x 'otok' are now 4 EUR + shipping. we have a couple of our at home/casa fanzine remaining too -- secretfurryhole.blogspot.com

we'll be seeing soon. thanks for waiting, tmm and jkk #goodluck