well. it's nearly march and we're still here, dropping two lines about what we're into these days. while those fu*/ing awesome BUZZ ALDRIN guys are about to head off to europe for a bunch of UK/germany/belgium/france dates, jonathan/HIS CLANCYNESS is packing for the first A CLASSIC EDUCATION north-america tour (w/ british sea power), prepping a 7" for tokyo's sixteen tambourines label and definitely finishing up tunes for his long-awaited first vinyl release on SFH, we're working on a few things set for spring/summer release.

a new CRIMEA X kraut/kosmische 3" cd-r will be out in a month or so. the HUSBAND one will follow a few weeks later. then we could have some exciting UK names with us, plus other buzzs to be confirmed too (including the first SFH-goes-paper release, maybe). looking forward to announcing everything else soon, ish.

while waiting, please remember to visit our brand new bigcartel.com shop, look at THE DECLINING WINTER 'killer' video again and again, attend our screening of the beautiful AN ISLAND music-film by efterklang and vincent moon featuring our beloved PETER BRODERICK, listen to the 2L mixtape GLEN JOHNSON recorded for tomm's radio show on RCDC and follow our friend BANJO OR FREAKOUT touring UK/italy/US.

take care. we'll be seeing soon. #luvbuzzs #staytuned #thankyou