peter broderick/ five film score outtakes

FIVE FILM SCORE OUTTAKES/ 3" cd-r/ limited edition: 200 copies, SOLD OUT
may 2009

in march 2009 i was asked by matt clark to create the score for his new short film. i recorded a lot of music for the film, and ended up with quite a few extra pieces that were not used in the final cut. among those extra pieces were these five little songs --

film score outtake 1
film score outtake 2
film score outtake 3
film score outtake 4
film score outtake 5

written, performed and recorded by peter broderick. march 2009.
made with love using piano, violin, cello, guitar and laptop.

artwork/ tomm --
ph/ jukka reverberi --
peter broderick pic (this page)/ ian taylor

"single of the week" --

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